El-Harah, a leper’s quarter into southern-western side of the area, is during the ruins

El-Harah, a leper’s quarter into southern-western side of the area, is during the ruins

However it are his successor, Mohammed, exactly who split up the latest kingdom as governments certainly seven out-of his brothers

A ridiculous myth says your workmen given up the area whenever it receive their systems each and every morning removed by unseen hands so you’re able to where “great” mosque now really stands.

out of Morocco essentially, is from stone. – Days of Morocco, Nos. 231, 232. (no) Habat, Hasbata, otherwise Hasbat, isn’t today recognised since the a state, becoming which have Azgar (p. 613, notice 102) included in the Rarb. The expression is, not, nevertheless put familiarly to describe a specific area, age.g., Drummond Existe, Western Barbary (ed. 1861). From inside the old really works it is aren’t operating, age.grams., U’Avity, Description ge7ierale deVAfrique (1642), pp. 135, 136, in which ” Habut ou Ehabat state de- Fez” is actually mentioned, etc. ( i n ) Guargha, Wargha. (112) Argar is within the very early versions. It’s plainly a blunder to own Azgar, and this we discover about 1837 reprint. (113) Idris II kept (to get specific) twelve students. To Kasim, the newest oldest, try allocated Tangier, Ceuta, Alhucema (Hajer durante-Nesr), Tetuan, etc. : however, as Yahia had Basra, Azila, Larache, an such like., he could n’t have got each one of Habat. It was Ayssa, whoever seat away from government was a student in Sheila, which earliest rebelled ; but it was Omar, Governor out-of Targa and Ghomera, just who defeated Ayssa, and entered their area-thereupon out-of Kasim (who had refuted providing find it difficult to Ayssa)-in order to his very own. e., inside the An effective.H. 221 (An effective.D. 837).-Rondh el-Kartas, pp. 61-64. (114) Ezaggen, since Renou ideal, could be Wazan (Oczan, Vezan, Guazan), a beneficial immediately following holy area (however, that could today getting went along to without having any restrict), the main city of the partial-independent Sheriff regarding Wazan. However, it was a sad assume, getting, as Wazan wasn’t began up until the second an element of the 17th millennium, it could n’t have been stated because of the Leo and you will Marmol. Until the time of Mulai Abd-allah because Sheriff, just who died from inside the 1675, the city is actually just a collection of dirt huts. For even even after which go out, Ezaggen, or even more precisely, Asigen, today a stack regarding spoils into a hill contrary Wazan, is actually this new home of your Sheriff, and you can, as a result, the latest headquarters of one’s sect away from Mulai Tayyib. It carries the look of being a huge set, and is also indeed of great antiquity. It’s, maybe, the fresh new Zadd-jam regarding Edrisi. But, based on guidance obtained inside Wazan, it absolutely was missing into the an excellent tribal war into the result of one to of their rulers hoping to marry one of many Sheriff’s daughters. Inside the 1727 brand new Embassy below Mr. Russel halted at “city of Harach respectfully found on a mountain”, R R 2

He died eight days ahead of his brother, the latest Imam, i

The first impact are you to “Harach” have to be possibly https://datingranking.net/craigslist-hookup/ Asigen otherwise Wazan below an excellent corrupt form. However,, of advice be sure to communicated as a result of Mr. Budgett Meaken because of the Sherif of Wazan, it appears that ” Dar el-Harash” are a place regarding the a 3rd off 1 day over Wazan for the El-Ksar, on Masmudah section, in which Sidi Abd-allah Sherif lived prior to Wazan are dependent, whenever its webpages is a wood and you can belonged into Beni Msara. El-Harash has grown to become just a village, however it shows signs of being at any given time much huge. There was other Este-Harash on the Wad el-Aisha. Although Barth and you may Renou is, I do believe, completely wrong in pinpointing the website away from Wazan with this away from Vopiscianas, it’s very possible that so favorable the right position to have good payment is used from the Romans.

New later Huge Sheriff Este-Hajj Abd es-Selam knew that pottery and you may coins was dug about set, which tombs ” when you look at the three rows, set you to over the other,” had been discovered. As to why De- la Martiniere refers to the ” ancient Ezaguen, now into the ruins, your website at which it would be hasty to attempt to suggest” (Morocco, p. This is the far more puzzling, due to the fact a number of users then on the (p. Meters. de la Martiniere’s quotations away from Leo are not a little exact-probably as a consequence of the execrable translation out-of their MS. Leo, as an example, will not put Ezaggen ” seventytwo kilometers regarding Fez”, however, ” nearly around three get and you will 10″ (settanta miglia), that is too much. Nor do the guy place it around ” twenty-a couple miles faraway about Wargha”, however, almost 10 (“circa an excellent dieci miglia”).

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